• Record-breaking figure for Satispay’s fundraising

    Satispay: third funding round with record highs for the Italian market: reaching 18.3 million Euros.

  • This is how young businesses grow

    There is a gap in the market when it comes to high-risk investments and the managers from the FocusFuturo investment…

  • Satispay connects with traditional POS

    Italian app to enable POS devices to communicate with customer’s smartphones. The e-commerce solution is also underway.

  • Company carpooling, save money and pollute less with the sharing economy

    Jojob: 11 thousand trips shared in the home-work commute, 87 tons of CO2 avoided and an average saving of 1300…

  • Facility Live, where the unicorn grows

    This is the term coined for start-ups valued at over a billion dollars. In Pavia a web search engine is…